Neinstein Personal Injury Lawyers Company Review

Personal injury lawyers represent clients who have suffered an injury, either physical or psychological, as a result of another person, company, government, or agency’s negligence. People who have suffered serious injuries often require substantial resources to abet their recoveries. Neinstein Personal Injury Lawyers Toronto serves clients who have experienced serious damages and need access to […]

Chronic Pain may be grounds for a personal injury lawsuit

One of the more damaging afflictions a person can suffer from is chronic pain. The idea of waking up in pain day after day is difficult to contemplate, and the reality can result in lasting physical and psychological effects. On columnist Yolanda Smith describes some of those impacts: A reduction in quality of life […]

How do we fix the distracted driving issue?

As any good personal injury lawyer – such as Toronto-based Neinstein & Associates – will tell you, distracted driving is becoming an increasingly common issue on North American roads. There are a range of causes and forms of distracted driving, including eating while driving, texting and talking on the phone while driving, or interacting with […]

Who’s At Fault When Driverless Cars Cause Injuries?

Would you purchase a driverless – or “autonomous” – car? While some driving enthusiasts may disdain the loss of human control, driverless cars are quickly becoming a reality. In California, a small fleet of Google’s autonomous vehicles hit the roads as far back as 2012: And with the reality of driverless cars comes the reality […]